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Insurance restoration roofing

Some roofers (often called "storm chasers") follow the clouds from one disaster to the next, profiting often through unscrupulous methods. This is not normal Georgia roofing practice, and it should make you uneasy about who you trust with your roof. Many of these companies "look" good in the short term—the roofs go on fast, they're visually nice, the clean-ups are quick—but in the long-term you will pay the price.

The serious problems that will result from unprofessional roof installation are not going to be obvious right away. By the time you figure out which companies cared about their workmanship and which ones didn't, the hail chasers will be two hurricanes and five hail storms out of reach. That nice guy from "Forsyth County Roofing" will be from "North Florida Roofing" or "Lone Star Roofing." And you will be out of luck, receiving only half the lifespan out of your ten-thousand-dollar-plus investment.

So how can you avoid the hazards of working with hail chasers? Here are a few simple steps that can help you make a wise choice for your home and family:

  • Ask some basic questions that should reveal whether the company is from out of town or new to roofing. Where are you from? How long have you been in roofing? How many hailstorms have you worked in? Also check for toll free numbers, which indicate out-of-state hail chasers.

  • Confirm that your contractor carries workers compensation and general liability insurance.

  • Find out how long the company has been in business. You should ask for copies of Georgia state business licenses going back at least five years. Also ask for references and addresses of homes where the company has installed a new roof at least three years in the past.

  • Make sure the salesmen have real knowledge of the roofing process, not just expertise in the insurance settlement process.

  • Look carefully at the company website. Does it appear generic or recently thrown up? Does it reflect a genuine connection to the community?

One sure way to know you'll be covered:
Call ProActive Exteriors for your free roof inspection.

Read more about looking out for storm chasers in this ProActive Exteriors article published in local Cumming magazine, Around Town:
"Are Roofers Doing Good Work in Your Neighborhood?"

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