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A note from owner, Seth Peters

You won’t see our logo on billboards or hear our pitch on the radio. We believe in building our business through relationships. We want you so satisfied with your ProActive experience that you’re eager to recommend us to family, friends, and neighbors. 

How do we do it? 

ProActive team members defy the service stereotypes for our industry: they arrive on time, meet deadlines, honor their commitments, and ensure every project is completed with integrity and attention to detail. 

Beyond outstanding service, we bring industry expertise to every project. We are experienced not only in storm restoration—we understand the ins and outs of the insurance process and help our customers to navigate accordingly. 

You’ve probably heard the classic stories from neighbors—a slick-talking salesman in a monster truck sells them on a new roof (moon and stars included), then hands them off to the next person who claims ignorance when promises go unmet. 

ProActive customers have a very different story to share. The ProActive team member who begins the process with you is the person who sees your project through to completion. They don’t send a crew. They personally oversee the crew to ensure those team members have everything they need to properly execute the project. At the same time, that ProActive team member supports you as the homeowner, answering any questions you may have along the way.   

Too many homeowners have nightmare contractor stories to tell. We look forward to providing you with a standout experience that results in a uniquely happy story we hope you’ll share far and wide. 

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